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Recent Exhibitions and Galleries of our Work

We are very proud of the high standard of embroidery and stitched textiles in the North-East Region. We aim to promote our art by holding annual exhibitions in public places around the region and further afield. 

All members of the Region’s Branches are encouraged to submit a piece work on a given theme for a specific exhibition.

Most of the pieces exhibited have been uniquely designed and stitched by an individual member of the Guild. Occasionally we set a challenge to stitch a collaborative piece of work.

Recent exhibitions are listed below. To view a slideshow of selected works from the exhibitions below, click on the gallery page link then the first thumbnail to begin.

As part of the Great Exhibition of the North 2018, the Needle Points North Panels were on display at St. Mary's Heritage Centre, Gateshead. Some of the images provided by the project photographer are on our home page slideshow.

Perspectives in Architecture' at Ripon Cathedral - 2017

This exhibition included pieces from the Inspired by Architecture Exhibition in Durham Cathedral from September 2016 and from previous Regional Day Competitions (see gallery page below).  It also included The Needle Points North Panels. The Panels were created in 1996 through a funded collaborative project across the North-East Region. Each of the panels are about two metres tall, with very detailed stitchin in a variety of threads and yarns with mixed media. The overall design by Anne Johnson was then stitched by a volunteer group from each of the 14 Branches active at the time to illustrate distinctive features of their area.

View a selection of the panels on The Needle Points North gallery page.

Celebrating the 300th Anniversary of the Birth of Capability Brown - 2016/2017

The Embroiderers’ Guild was one of many partners in a nationwide festival celebrating the 300th Anniversary of the birth of Capability Brown. During the course of 2016, more than 40 exhibitions were held throughout the country. The NE Region held exhibitions at three major locations:

1. Wallington Hall

From June to October the embroideries and stitched textiles were on display in various locations throughout the National Trust property, Wallington Hall in Northumberland.

As a bonus, members stewarding the exhibition were encouraged to sit and stitch in several of the furnished rooms.

The Wallington Hall gallery page has a selection of the works from the exhibition.

2. Gibside Chapel and Walled Garden

There were two locations at Gibside (near Gateshead in Tyne and Wear), The indoor Chapel and the outdoor Walled Garden provided different challenges. Outdoor work needed pieces of work that could stand up to the weather of a typical British summer! Indoor work needed to be portable, to be moved while weddings took place in the Chapel. This exhibition displayed over 150 pieces of work from June to August. 

The outdoor pieces featured aspects of the walled garden stitched as if they were tea towels or Georgian pockets hanging on a clothes line.

View the Gibside selection of works from the indoor and outdoor displays.

3. Tennants Auction Rooms

To represent work from Branches in the south of our Region, there was an exhibition at Tennants Auction Rooms in Leyburn, North Yorkshire during June. 

Work included a large collaborative panel comprising 48, 10cm squares individually stitched to represent a walled garden in full flower as well as many other innovative and stunning pieces of work.

The Tennants gallery page displays a selection of the works produced for the exhibition.

In June 2017, many pieces from these three exhibitions together with Capability Brown pieces from other Regions of the Embroiderers’ Guild went on to be shown in a Landscape themed exhibition at Farfield Mill in Sedbergh.

'Inspired by Architecture' at Durham Cathedral - 2016

During September the Chapel of Nine Altars was host to an exhibition of over 100 pieces of work. Members throughout the Region designed and stiched a very diverse range of traditional and contemporary embroidery and stitched textiles. All were inspired by the theme ‘Architecture.

The exhibition was very popular drawing many positive comments from visitors, and it was taken to Ripon Cathedral in 2017.

The ingenuity and diversity of our members' work is illustrated on the Inspired by Architecture gallery page.

'Mining a Golden Seam' -  2011/2017

A major exhibition inspired by the mining traditions, heritage and culture of North-East England. This exhibition was shown at a number of locations around the region, as well nationally and internationally. The table below lists the venues and dates.

This Mining a Golden Seam gallery page shows a selection of the works from the exhibition.


August 2017 St Bartholomew’s Parish Church, Newbiggin, Northumberland
February 2014 L’Aiguille en Fete in Paris (invitation of the Show Director)
November 2012 Knitting & Stitching Show at Harrogate
October 2012 Knitting & Stitching Show at Alexandra Palace, London
January - May 2012 Woodhorn Museum & Country Park, Ashington
October 2011 Bishop Auckland Town Hall.